Integrate Digital Interactive Worksheets into your Classroom

UnderstudyEdu delivers multi-subject curriculum aligned skill based educational tools directly to your students in the classroom and at home.

How does UnderstudyEdu work?

With UnderstudyEdu you take control of gamified learning. Add your students to an UnderstudyEdu classroom, hand-pick digital worksheets from our catalogue that support your in-class learning objectives. If you cannot find a premade worksheet create your own worksheet using our custom tools, and track your student's progress.

Reinforce Classroom Learning

Students have fun while learning by completing gamified worksheets on UnderstudyEdu. We design our worksheet creation tools on curriculum standards and gamify the objectives allowing students to have fun at every stage.

Using our custom analytical feedback, UnderstudyEdu tracks skill proficiency, playtime, and more.

Motivate your students with gamification

As students interact with the UnderstudyEdu platform, they select their personal avatar, unlock achievements and earn trophies which increases their learning retention.

Manage and support struggling students by pairing them with top students and assigning homework.

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